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Halwa - City of Solitude

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Halwa - City of Solitude Empty Halwa - City of Solitude

Mensagem por Leishuck Norris em Qui Maio 28, 2015 1:31 am

Halwa - City of Solitude

Located about 200 miles east of Wasat and Suq Bay, Halwa is one of Zakhara's few major inland settlements. The city is perched on a lonely bluff overlooking the dry bed of the Wadi Malih. With the onset of spring, melting snow from the Ghost Mountains combines with seasonal downpours, turning the wadi into a surging, muddy torrent that washes silt into the lowlands. Within a month, the rains subside and the arid waste quickly returns.

The Ruler: Caliph Hava Al-Gatil (human/male/Fighter/Askar/6) is a well-meaning but insulated ruler. His main concern appears to be writing his memoirs. Al-Gatil often cloisters himself with his favored scribes, writing (and rewriting) his past exploits as a young warrior, dwelling on those blithe days before he took his father's place as caliph. Al-Gatil delegates most of his responsibility to his chief vizier, whom he trusts above all. The caliph has three beautiful daughters—Sikayah, Rajiyah, and Mahabbiyah—triplets who are approaching the age of majority. While the caliph appears to care for them, the depth of his devotion has never been tested.

The Court: The court consists of Chief Vizier Zarad (human/male/Wizard/Sha'ir/8 ) and his flunkies. Zarad has served Al-Gatil since the caliph was a child, and he continues to maintain a strangle hold on the caliph's mindset. All of the caliph's orders come through Zarad. And if Zarad happens to add his own orders, who would deny they're the truth? Zarad has already made a great fortune through unfair taxation (which he imposed in the name of the caliph and removed two years later in the name of the caliph, without the caliph himself ever detecting it). Now, Zarad lusts after even greater power. The chief vizier is served by a dao of maximum hit points, who is referred to solely as "Zarad's Pet" (and then only in hushed voices). Zarad himself is easy to identify in court: he always wears black-and-white striped robes.

Population: 60,000.

Features of the City: Despite its isolation, Halwa is bustling little city, serving as a chief trading post between settled Zakharans and the desert-dwellers of the Haunted Lands. Both city and wilderness people mingle on the streets. Abas and keffiyehs are more common than caftans and dolmans, and many of Halwa's merchants have relatives among the desert tribes.

Halwa's caliph is permissive, allowing all activity that does not bring disgrace upon his wise and beneficent rule. An underground slave trade thrives here, and Halwa is a stopping place for caravans en route to Hiyal. Similarly, adventurers and would-be heroes use the city as a starting place for expeditions into the Haunted Lands, where many a man and woman has perished in the search for legendary riches.

As a group, the people of Halwa are known for their haggling skill and sharp-witted dealing. "Never give what can be sold" is their motto, and that applies to favors and information as well as camels and figs.

Major Products: Trade, livestock, slaves, durable goods.

Armed Forces: 3,000-man city guard; 500-man palace guard; 1,000-man mercenary cavalry, hired from desert tribes on five-year contracts. In addition, Zarad has his own 200-man personal guard. In times of need, he apparently can call upon a tribe of 200 jann.

Major Mosques: Hajama, Haku, Jisan, Najm, and Selan. Haku has the largest and most opulent temple, which is a pilgrimage site for the desert tribesmen. A three-day religious festival in Jisan's name is held on the first clear day after the spring rains.

Rumors and Lore: Zarad is said to be everywhere, running the city with a smooth but iron-willed determination. This chief vizier hates nothing more than disturbances of his pleasant and (to his mind) just rule, and any problems that arise are dealt with quickly and harshly. He is not above selling an enlightened man into slavery (sometimes by producing a "previous owner" who declares the accused escaped him). Of course, this violates the Law, but Zarad places himself above the Law. Only his marriage to the caliph's eldest daughter will establish him fully as the city's ruler. Sikayah is technically the eldest, for she was born just before her sisters.

"Se o Destino for mesmo um Moinho...
Nós somos a razão que o faz se mover."

Halwa - City of Solitude Sain2

"Avançamos acreditando na sua infalibilidade,
Para além de onde as forças se encontram."

Halwa - City of Solitude Griffindor
"Somos todos histórias no final.
Apenas façamos com que ela seja boa."
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