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Haunted Lands

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Haunted Lands Empty Haunted Lands

Mensagem por Leishuck Norris em Qui Maio 28, 2015 1:45 am

Haunted Lands

The Haunted Lands are home to ghosts and mournful winds. The region they encompass is larger than the High Desert but has even fewer
inhabitants. In ancient times, the land was dominated by warring kingdoms, but they are long gone. The remaining people, a few of whom are enlightened, are nomads or wild beings such as jann.

The peoples of the Haunted Lands are more scattered than their brethren in the High Desert. There are fewer enlightened major tribes and a greater number of small, savage bands of nomads who act as raiders and slavers. Of prime value is the overland route from the Ruined Kingdoms to Talab in the Pantheon, leading on to the independent city of Halwa. Smaller routes provide a "back-door" for trade to Hiyal and the Free Cities, though these must pass through the Furrowed Mountains.

Al-Badia of the Haunted Lands survive by raising sheep, goats, and camels and by harvesting isolated patches of dates and figs. They trade livestock and carpets with the lowland countries for weapons, metalwork, and exotic fabrics. They also explore the aged ruins that are occasionally revealed in the shifting of the sands. The reward is often great treasure — and great danger as well. Raiding is also common, both against each other and against the outposts along the coastal civilizations. Direct attacks against larger cities have usually resulted in disaster, but a few muchvaunted successes over the generations still encourage the brave and the reckless.

The position of tribal leader is hereditary and is usually passed to the eldest son. The ruling family takes the tribal name instead of a parent's name to identify their position.

The small size of these tribes means that, to be effective against larger targets, they must band together. As a result, charismatic leaders can lead a gathering of diverse nomadic warriors in a plundering raid. Such alliances usually last as long as the leader lives; the associations fade into the desert wind upon the leader's death.

House of Hanif

The largest enlightened tribe of the Haunted Lands, House of Hanif numbers some 10,000 people and is powerful enough to send its own ambassador to the Court of Huzuz. The tribe controls the region surrounding the Ghost Mountains and the Al-Akara Mountains. It also maintains a permanent base in a qal'at that was formerly held by holy slayers, located a day's ride west of Halwa.

As a people, this tribe has an intense loyalty to the throne and is known for rescuing thirsty pilgrims lost en route to Huzuz. The people are brave, honest to a fault, and open to strangers in their lands. The other tribes of the Haunted Lands call the Hanif "Our Grand Caliph's Hunting Dogs" — and not in a complimentary sense.

The Leader: Sheikh Kaldhun bin Hanif (human/male/Fighter/Desert Rider/10) is a powerful, middle-aged man, his stylish beard just
beginning to show gray. His wealth affords him two wives, and he has two talented (but egotistical) sons. Sheikh Kaldhun is a sensible, reasonable man, more given to careful decisions than outbursts of passion. He knows his days of greatness are behind him.

Important Individuals: The most prominent of the many people of Hanif are the two sons of the sheikh, born on the same night to different mothers. Mu'awiya (human/male/Fighter/Desert Rider/4) was conceived second and born first, while Yazid (human/male/Fighter/Desert Rider/4) was conceived first and born second. These facts were revealed by a wise woman traveling through the lands 10 years ago. Both men have reached their majority, and each has his supporters.

Mu'awiya bin Hanif is as tall as his father, but gaunt. His manner is calm, and his eyes are soft and caring. He believes that the ways of his father and grandfather are basically sound and that the tribe should continue as a desert guard and aid for the Grand Caliph. Mu'awiya
has visited the Court of Enlightenment in Huzuz, where he marveled at the buildings and accomplishments of the civilized peoples.

Yazid bin Hanif is rather short, but he is as strong as his father was at his age. He also has his father's keen eyes and sharp features. Yazid is dissatisfied with the tribe's life, believing they are tethered to the court of Huzuz, and he feels they could build their own enlightened city far from courts and caliphs and merchants. Eight years ago, Yazid was separated from his tribe in a sandstorm and located five days later. He says he spent that time among the jann, who told him marvelous secrets of the future. This is at the core of
his romance with the deep desert.

Both sons have loyal and excitable followers among the tribe. As yet, their father has shown no preference for one or the other as heir. Both sons can make a convincing case of rightful claim and leadership ability, and the tribe may split in two if each son chooses to take on the ruling mantle. In addition, the current actions of the House of Hotek to the north is increasing the split between the brothers.

"Se o Destino for mesmo um Moinho...
Nós somos a razão que o faz se mover."

Haunted Lands Sain2

"Avançamos acreditando na sua infalibilidade,
Para além de onde as forças se encontram."

Haunted Lands Griffindor
"Somos todos histórias no final.
Apenas façamos com que ela seja boa."
Leishuck Norris
Leishuck Norris
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